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SportAir Lessons

Environment – Heat cold are an issue.  How to deal with them remains to be seen

Plane choice – Seems like the RV7A is the direction I am going at this point.  The RV10 is just going to break the budget.

Time spent – I read other blogs all the time and see guys posting only 1 or 2 hours of build time.  I always wondered about that.  Now I understand.  You can and should spend as much time as you can understanding each step and what might happen later that you will effect. Every rivet you drive might have to be removed.  If you have to remove a rivet that is under a skin you may have to remove dozens of rivets to get to the one you really need.

Pneumatic Squeezer – getting one.  ’nuff said.

C Frame – getting that too.  (Got a DRDT2…LOVE IT!!!)

Riveting is like any skill.  You just have to practice to get good at it.

Measure twice; cut once has never been more true.

Like any skill fatigue is an enemy.  Heat in the hanger sucks the energy out of you.  I remember reading a builder say that for every 15-mins he works after 9:00pm he has to work an hour during the daytime to fix what he did.   I think I get it.


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