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First Aerobatic Flight

Some of you know that I had the opportunity, this summer, to take an aerobatics ride in a North American T6 Texan.  That ride was video taped and is now edited (as much as possible) and ready.

This film was taken on 7/31/2011 at Fond du Lac Airport in Wisconsin.  The family and I were there for EAA Airventure 2011 and this opportunity came from nowhere, quite literally at the last minute.  My Sister, Catie, came up with the information and we decided to act on it.  Catie would take a ride in a Boeing Stearman and I would take the T-6 Texan.
About the video
I must apologize in advance for the video.  It was taken with VHS and the audio is a bit sketchy at times.  My video editing prowess is infantile at best, but I’ve tried to leave in the stuff that helps to tell the story.  The experience is cut in two pieces.  Each one is 15-minutes long, so get some popcorn and a drink if you’re going to watch them both.
If you want to just get to the meat of the matter and see the aerobatics (and my reactions to them) just go to about 11:30 in the 1st video and then all of the 2nd video.   If you’re interested in the whole flight then both films will serve you well, there is an insane amount of radio chatter getting into and out of Fond du Lac.  If you have any questions, just ask away.
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