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The Decision

The decision has been made.  I’ve wanted to build a plane since I learned how to fly.  I’d like to say that I had planned to arrive at this decision all the time, but that wouldn’t be all that accurate.  Like most things this was a “What the heck am I waiting for?” type of decision.  There will never be a perfect time for this, there will only be times that aren’t as good as now.

Ok…”Why?” you are asking.  I’ll have to answer this when I’ve had some time to really figure out how to express it.  You either get it, or you don’t.  Knowing the feeling of flight helps.  Not the “I’m sitting in seat 10E on my flight to Dallas tomorrow.” type of flight, but the “212BS you are clear to take off runway 17.  Make left traffic for touch and goes.” kind of flight.  The kind of flight where you giggle because you just nailed a landing in a gusty crosswind.  The “Hey want to sandbag on my training flight tomorrow?” kind.  The “Ok, my grounds speed is 50 knots.  Shall we try 8500 feet?” kind.  Ok?  Thats the kind of flight you have to understand to begin understanding this endeavor.


There are always roadblocks to these sorts of endeavor.  Almost all of them are of our own making.  I figured out what they were and figure out how to make them part of my road.  Financing is big.  I might even blog how I go about paying for it.  Pay as I go, or finance it.  Both have pros and cons.

My spouse won’t let me.

This is not trivial.  Family can be a roadblock.  I am getting them involved.  I intend to learn lessons with them and overcome problems.

It looks hard and I’m not an aerospace engineer.

There are definitely projects that engineering experience would be helpful.  You can buy plans and then start assembling the parts.  This is really more than I wanted to do.  I’m going with a reputable company that has designed the plane that I’m going to build.  There are literally thousands of them flying all over the world.  Most are used for fun, some are working planes that have to earn their keep.

It’s not practical.

Duh!  This isn’t about practicality.  Its like a motorcycle or a horse.

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