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About Us

We are Gil and Michelle Brice and we live in a new home in north McKinney TX.  We are actually pretty close to Aero-country, T31.  I now have my RV factory up and running and work progresses.

  1. JR Hampton permalink

    Hello Brice’s. Wow! I found a NW Arkansas builder. Yipppie!! Let me introduce myself. My name is Jr Hampton. 36 y/o. Im a 100 TT ppl got my ticket 3 years ago. Talk about your ” woefully small number of hours ” lol. I fly out of Drake “FYV” renting from Skyventure. Im about 95% sure I’ve convinced myself to build. Looking at an RV7A. Quickbuild. Just joined Vans A/F forums. I’ve realized I’m gonna need help and have been looking for an EAA chapert up here. Anyways.. just wanted to say hello and I plan on following your build. Going to start my EAA workbenches soon. Good luck on your build !

  2. Jen, Outreach Chair permalink

    Hello I saw your letter in the latest Aviation for Women magazine. I just wanted to pass along that the NWA WAI chapter is hosting an aviation career day for teen girls on Oct 6th. If your daughter is interested please let me know and I can pass on an application.

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