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Work Continues

April 17, 2017

Since January I’ve worked off and on getting the tail squared away.  The last task I did was getting the vertical stabilizer mounted.  I must say that this went without issue.  I am quite pleased with the turn out, though I guess I wont know how well it went until I get the rudder on.

IMG_20170416_121738Once you get the VS in place you have to check for a truely vertical settting.  Here I am measuring the distance between the top of the VS to the tip of the horizontal stabilizer.  The measurement between the left and right HS is correct within 1/32″.  That is as perfect as I can get.

IMG_20170416_121832After drilling the aft holes for the VS spar and putting the bolts in, you turn your attention to the forward spar.  Here I am fiddling with the bracket that holds the front spar of the VS to the front spar of the HS.  I didn’t know it when I took this picture, but I had the bracket in the wrong orientation.  That is why you read the directions 5 times after you think you have it right, before you drill anything.

IMG_20170416_181945Once you have it clamped in place and you’re happy, you check that the hinges are straight and that there in no flex in that rear VS spar.  This was my final check and it was very good.

IMG_20170416_182023_1Time to drill.  After checking things over and over I am pretty sure this is good.  Now I have to drill and get it all put together.

Next weekend I’ll see about getting everything riveted and finalizing it.

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