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Getting the Tail On

January 28, 2017

Its time to put some more wings on.  This time I am going to work on the horizontal stabilizer.  The date was in early January.  First thing is to get the HS situated on the tail in the correct orientation.  This took two of us as I had to wiggle it this way and that to get it just right.  Eventually I arrived at a position I like so I clamped it in place.  From there we measured to several locations around the fuselage to make sure everything was true.  I am happy that them measurements are within a 1/16″ so I called it good.

The first holes you have to drill are in the forward spar.  I deviated from the plans because I was super paranoid about the location of the hole I was going to put in the longeron.  So I drilled that hole first using a #30 after measuring a bunch of time to makes sure that I was getting it right.  I then had my daughter climb into the tail and drill up through the longeron and forward HS spar.  First with a #30 then with the final bit 3/16″ (I think).


20170102_175258img_20170128_145813The two outer holes are a bit further aft then I wanted, but they are still legit.  The two inner ones are perfect.

Once everything was bolted on the measurements were still perfect.  Now the rear spar.

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