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More on Fiberglass

November 1, 2016

One thing that was very difficult was cutting and shaping the glass.  I found out that they make fiberglass tape.  That was an AWESOME find.  Reinforcing the edges went much better.  I got the 2″ tape and you just cut to length, wet and layup.  It took 4 layers to make the 1/16″ that was needed to beef up the edges.

Ok, on to the strips.  The instructions want you to add some aluminum strips…so I made them in the last post.  Now it is time to fit them.  Like everything aluminum, fit, match drill, debur…etc.

Its just a matter of lining them up and drilling.  Next comes the nut plates.  Well…I knew things were moving to nicely.  I forgot to order the 76 nutplates and screws.  So I went and did that and then resumed tonight by mounting the strips.  Nutplates are a time consuming project.  Spent all day today getting one side of one tip done.

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