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Reinforcing the Edges

October 18, 2016

The thickness of the tip is less than 1/16″.  You have to build up the edges to 1/8″ if you want to use the screws, like I do.  This means that I have to apply several layers of fiberglass to the inside of the tips in order to build it up.  I’m still getting the hang of this.  In addition to the build up you have to put reinforcement strips onto the edge for the nutplates to attach to.  I made my strips (W-728) from a recycled rudder skin.  The thickness of the metal just needs to be .02, which is what the rudder is made from.

20161017_172215Using the Dremel I made strips that were 1/2″ wide and between 16 to 20″ long.

20161018_153701These will be laid down, end to end.  The nutplates will be attached to these.

20161018_153737My first attempt at to layup to the fiberglass was pretty messy, but my second was quite a bit neater.  The area I glassed is darker.

20161018_144525I figure it will take 3 or 4 layers to get to the 1/8″.

One Comment
  1. J-Red permalink

    Saw you using the dremmel to cut those thin strips. You should do a google search for an Olfa knife. Two or three strokes to score the .020 and those strips would have popped right off. Wonderful tool, and only cost a few bucks!

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