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Plodding on With Flap Linkage

September 8, 2016

I know, I know.  I haven’t posted in forever.  That isn’t to say that I haven’t done anything.  I’ve actually gotten quite a bit done.  In this post I’ll show what I’ve done with the flap linkage.   First things first.  I have to make the linkage from the flap actuator to the flap, F-759A.  The tube is a 5/16″ aluminum tube that you must tap 1″ deep on each end.  So I eventually find the tube.


I cut it the requisite 4 7/8″ and start tapping.


Sorry for the blurry pic.  You aren’t missing anything because after many attempts I cannot tap this tube straight.  I come to the conclusion that I do not have the experience or tools or extra tube to learn.  The problem is that I simply cannot get the tap to enter the tube perfectly straight.  I ruin multiple pieces and realize it aint gonna work.

Researching I find that many people have this issue, and there is a solution.  The RV9 uses a similar linkage, but the flap push-rod on the RV9 is made of sturdier stuff.  It is made of a hexagonal rod that comes pre-threaded.  That is the way to go.  I order from Vans and wait.


And it arrives.  On the left is the original material and on the right is the hex rod from Vans.  In the middle is the finished rod that I made.

Now this works perfectly, but remember that the hole you have to drill through the fuselage is much larger for the hex rod than for the round.  This cannot be avoided.

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