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First Try at Tube

November 27, 2015

I have reached that point in the build where I realize that there are a lot fewer rivets left to pound than there are already pounded.  I’m starting to work with material I haven’t worked with before.  Today is tubing for the fuel vent inside the cabin.  I only screwed up one place, which of course caused me to have to redo the entire tube, but thats ok.  It’s a learning process.  I am going to stick with the stock Vans tubing.  It is very easy to bend.  Inside the cabin the tube has lots of bends.  Read and follow the plans on DWG-36.  If you look at the top of your F-902R/L you’ll see a series of holes where there will be some future rivets.  Pay attention to the tube bend in this area.

2015-11-27 15.35.56

If the radius is to small, you’ll interfere with the rivets later on.

Otherwise it was a pretty straight forward operation.  There’s a lot of taking the part in and out and resizing….but its pretty easy.  Be careful to not crimp the line.  Bend slowly, very slowly.

2015-11-27 15.36.11

This is where the vent live dumps overboard. Just forward of the pedals on the pilots side.

2015-11-27 15.16.44 2015-11-27 15.16.52

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