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535 Days

October 13, 2015

Thats how much time has passed since I worked on my plane.  When I did that calculation I just couldn’t believe it.  Apollo 11 only lasted 8-days, Columbus found the new world in about 60 days.  Thats the scale of time that I’ve been working with.  I knew that my move would be long, but didn’t expect this long.

So I’m in the new garage shop which is quite a bit smaller than my shop in Arkansas.  As you can see in some of my last posts from there I had my plane inside and had one of the wings on.  This will not be possible in my new place.

Wall space is at a premium.  It seems I need wall space for everything.  I think I have as much stuff on the walls as I could get, but wall space isn’t just about hanging things on the wall.  It is also about putting things against the wall.  I purchased a new table from Sams Club and it resides against a wall.  My old EAA table now has wheels and can be moved around.  I also purchased a stand-up tool box from Sears and it holds all my hand tools.  It is also on rollers and can be moved around as need be.  I added some new light bars to increase the amount in the shop.  I can already tell it wont be enough.  I just wish I had a bit more space.   Not a huge amount, just a bit more.

I found myself constantly complaining about the amount of space I didn’t have.  I was always tweaking this and that coming up with any excuse to not get started again.  Sunday I decided that I was ready for a dry run.  I needed a couple of shims for the front wing mounts.  One would be a .063 and one would be a .032.  I needed my band saw, bench grinder and sanding station.  I made two trips to Lowes.  I needed some bolts to hold my bench grinder in place and I needed a power strip for my EAA table.  My old table location didn’t move much and I had a power strip on it in AR.  I relocated the power strip for another application, so I ended up getting a new one.  With the power problem solved I spent time re adjusting my sanding station and installing a new Scotch-Brite wheel on my bench grinder.  In Bentonville my garage floor was fairly level.  Not so in McKinney.  The floor is pretty slanted, so getting things level is hard.  I shimmed my sanding station enough to use it, but it was pretty clear that this is a task I am going to have to solve.

Once all this was done I was able to get my shims made.  The came out great.

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