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The Light is a Lot Brighter Now

June 14, 2015

So here we are.  Two weeks away from closing on our new house.  I have never been more excited about moving….EVER.  I’m ready to be in my own house with my own garage and plane.  The extra money I spent on the insulation was money well spent.  Ive been back to the house on days in the mid 90’s and the temperature in the garage was very comfortable.  The northern exposure and the insulation really help.  I may not need my portable AC at all.  The contractor forgot to blow insulation in the attic of the garage, but I may ask him to wait until after closing.  I need to add extra lights in the garage and not having the insulation will be a big help.  I’m getting a handle on where tables and such are going to go.  I know where my compressor will sit and I’ve got my eyes on a few Sears metal tables that I might get.  Michelle says I can have a satellite receiver in the garage.

Either this week or next, we are going up to Bentonville to grab all my tools.  The plane will remain for the time being, but I need to have all my tools on day-1 after closing.  There are plenty of “honey-dos” that need doing after close.  We’ll visit friends and grab a Crepe at Crepes Paulette…cant miss it.

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