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Dragging My Feet

February 1, 2014

I am coming up to one of those tasks that I really don’t want to do, but if I don’t I cannot progress beyond where I am.  As you may know I like to procrastinate decisions.  There are a plethora of decisions I haven’t made yet, simply because I don’t want to.  Sometimes I feel strange because there are guys out there building their planes and they even know what color they are going to paint it and I (honestly) thought about switching to a tricycle gear the other day.  Thats just the way I have approached much of my build.  Not committing to anything until I absolutely have to.

The task that is upon me is setting the wing incidence.  To set the wing incidence I have to do several things.

  1. I have to go to storage and retrieve my wings
  2. I have to bring them home and mount them to the fuselage
  3. I have to adjust the position of the wings until they are set correctly
  4. I have to drill holes that will lock in that position forever.

Well that doesn’t sound too bad; and it isn’t.  Except the width of the plane will then be about 22-feet.  My garage is 25-feet wide.  I honestly dont know if there is going to be enough room in the garage to maneuver the wing into place and fit it to the plane.  I think the first wing will be just fine, the second one will be the challenge.

I feel pretty confident in my building.  I am pretty sure that the wings will be fine.  The issue comes after the wings are set.  Then I have to plumb the wings for fuel…and this is where the decision comes that I don’t want to make.  I have to decide if I am going to have a fuel system that has only a supply line or a supply line and a return line.  Some fuel injection systems have a return line.  This is because the fuel pump moves fuel at a constant pressure and the plane doesn’t necessarily have to use it all. Therefore it returns the unused portion to the tank where it got if from.  The choice has a trickle down effect.  Whether I plumb a return or not determines my fuel valve, my aux pump, my routings through the firewall, how much plumbing there is in the engine compartment, and many other items that I am sure I haven’t thought of.

I guess if I think of it a different way, I dont have to make any decisions until I get the incidence set.  It’ll take two weeks just to get the garage straight.  Goody, I  can put it off a little while longer.

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