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I’ll Get Those Later

January 7, 2014

Every now and then I’ll come across a rivet that requires a partner to buck.  If my wife isn’t handy, I’ll note the rivet on my white board and move on.  Right now I’m working on the linkage for the flaps.  As I was getting ready to bolt things together when I remembered four rivets that are directly underneath the flap bar.  I knew that If I didn’t get them now, I would have to pull the flap mechanism out.

These 4 rivets tie the back of two center section ribs to the 705 bulkhead.  They are right up against the side of the plane, so they are tough to get to.  But before I get there I have to disassemble the floor.

2014-01-05 12.53.39The floor of the -7 is comprised of 7 panels.  Right now they are cleco’d in, but you have to take all of them out to get where I need to get to.  Glad I didn’t rivet these down.  Once they are up I can get to the rivets.

2014-01-05 13.48.50I still had the same problem as before where I cant get a rivet gun in there to add them.  What I ultimately did, and you can see here, I bent the rib flange up enough to get the rivet gun in and then set the rivets.  Once that was done, then were ready to go.  You can see in the above picture the larger two holes above the smaller two rivet holes?  Those are the mounting holes for the flaps.

The last of the “missing rivets” is erased off the white board and now I can get on with the flaps bar.



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  1. Avon Haury permalink

    Gil, I noticed your post on Vans and came across your blog. I’m here in Fayetteville and have my RV-6A at Drake. I wasn’t the builder so not much experience but I’ll try to be handy if you need some help someday. I would welcome an opportunity to see one going together since I bought a flying RV. Feel free to reach out if you’re in need of hands. My email is



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