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Seats are Done

December 29, 2013

You saw yesterday that I had the seats assembled.  Today Winter came back and it is 19F outside right now.  My garage is just plain cold, but I battled through it and got both seats and the seat back braces deburred and riveted.

Riveted and read for flight

Riveted and read for flight

The seat backs went together pretty easily.  The braces were a bit more tricky.

2013-12-29 22.36.57I had to cut those lightening holes.  I didn’t have a 2.25″ hole saw, so I went up to home depot to get it.  When I got it installed in the drill and cutting it mangled the metal brace.  I had to spend some time cleaning that mess up.  I made a night trip to Lowes to get a different one…which worked nicely.  Once I had the right tool it took 3-minutes to cut all the holes and another 15-minutes deburring them and making them safe.

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