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Baggage Compartment

October 29, 2013
Ready for inspection.

Ready for inspection.


I’ve been working on the baggage compartment…bit by bit…over the last week or so.  The floors of the baggage compartment, by design, are supposed to be pop riveted down to the ribs.  I chose to install nut plates so that the floor is removable.  I covered this in a much earlier post (not very well) and I am now getting to the part where I put it all together.  The rear wall of the baggage compartment is two pieces.  The top piece needs to be cut to shape.

2013-10-26 10.28.23

Not a great picture, but I have the back wall in place and screwed along the bottom.  On the top piece, to make the radiuss (radii?) I marked the location they give on the plans.  Then I used a sharpie and an 8.5″ string.  It took a few passes, but eventually I arrived at a shape that is pretty consistent on both sides.  I cant see a difference, so it is very close.

Next you have to make “wear blocks”.  Dont worry I didn’t know what they were either.  The shoulder harness connects to its anchor in the tail of the aircraft.  Where the cable passes through the aft baggage wall you install wear blocks made of plastics.  This is so that as they rub the wear blocks slowly erode and not the wall or the cable.  It would suck if the cable wore down and then you needed it to save you.

Here is the plastic block and the cut you have to make.

Here is the plastic block and the cut you have to make.

I screwed up the cut at first, but fortunately it was too small, so after correcting it I then shaped my block.  The radius is made with a 3/16″ drill bit and then cleaned up some.

2013-10-28 17.41.48Trial sizing here.  You can see the block inserted behind the sheet and you can now get a sense for how it is supposed to work.  Imagine a cable passing through that hole.

Riveted in

Riveted in

Here is the backside.  You make those .5″x.5″ square washers for the rivets to bite into.  That’s pretty much it.  The picture at the top shows the wall in it’s final place.

The next few posts are going to deal with floors.  Pretty soon I’ll have a seat back or two in place.

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