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Finish Kit Arrives

October 12, 2013

Kit #4 from Vans is the Finishing Kit and it is the last mandatory kit I have to buy from them.  From this point on, I can source things wherever I want.  There is a firewall forward kit, but many people do not get it.  That decision is a long way off and I’m not going to worry about it.

As my previous post said, the finishing kit had some delivery issues.  The shipper didn’t call me prior to coming out on Tuesday and so they had to store it for a few days prior to delivery.  The thought of them storing it made me shiver, but there wan’t any way around it.  I was in Atlanta and Nashville on business all week and I wasn’t going to saddle Michelle with having to get the kit off the truck.

Yesterday, just before lunch, an 18-wheeler pulled up in front of the house.  The crate was bigger than I’d imagined.  I think that dimension-ally it was larger than any of the boxes that I’d seen before.  We got it into the garage, I gave him my check for delivery and popped the top.

This shipment has few pieces in it, but the ones it has a big.

As usual, very well packed.

As usual, very well packed.

The finishing kit doesn’t’ have a lot of parts, but the parts it does have a *very* expensive important.  We have the canopy, the cowling.  Fairings for the main gear, empanage, wheel pants, spinner.  One theme is that there are lots of fiberglass parts in this kit.  For metal we have the engine mount and gear legs.  All the canopy bits are here too…many of which I have no idea what they do.

Cowling unpacked.  Needs lots of work.

Cowling unpacked. Needs lots of work.



I guess I have lots of fiberglassing to do?

I guess I have lots of fiberglassing to do?

Bits and pieces

Bits and pieces

Everything is now put away.  Most of this I wont need for awhile.   I’m going to store all the fiberglass and steel parts in my storage unit.  The canopy?  Not sure yet.  We have an idea that it will go in the upstairs closet…but that remains to be seen.




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