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Front Fuselage Assembly

August 25, 2013

Now that I remember what I was doing, and what comes next, I begin the arduous task of dis-assembly, dimpling/counter sinking, cleaning and priming.  Oh joy.

100_1520I get to removing the firewall and all of the auxiliary longerons  and stiffeners.  I then spend a few hours counter sinking them and de-burring as needed.  I then had to get them clean and primed.  Since I had so many I decided to clean them in a kiddie pool that we have in the yard for the dog.  It was perfect for the task.  I then hung them to dry and primed them late yesterday afternoon.

100_1521There are 18 pieces there, plus a few tiny little shims and brackets and such.  It took 2.5 cans of primer.  We have a rule in our neighborhood about hanging laundry to dry.  Since this was, technically not laundry, I figured I was ok.  Nobody complained so I guess it was ok.

Today was dimpling day.  My daughter and I got to work about 10:30am this morning and got both of the F-770’s and the F-772 dimpled.  Here they are with the firewall.

100_1525I haven’t done the firewall yet.  I have some questions about it, so before I go drilling it I need to ask the VAF community what they did.

Right now the reset of it looks like it did a few months ago when I started this assembly.

100_1523 100_1524 100_1526My next job is to get the center section done so I can put it aside.  The two main longerons need to come off and all the holes in it need counter sinking.  That is a LOT of holes, too.  I have a few ideas to make the task go a bit more streamlined.

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