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Weekend Accomplishments

August 19, 2013

It wasn’t as productive a weekend as I would have liked. Saturday I spent quite a bit of time working. I had quite a bit of prep I needed to do for this week. I also spent some time with the kids…cant take their time away.

Sunday, inexplicably, I woke up at 6:30am and was in the garage by 7:00am. I had a few tasks that required my attention. I had to fix a few mistakes. I found it quite humorous that some of the mistakes that I make now, and don’t even think about I used to wring my hands over and sweat about for hours. I goofed up two holes in the skin. I just drilled them to #30 (supposed to be #40) and will fill them with the proper length rivet. Nobody will every notice but me.

I had to finish match drilling, which didn’t take very long. I didn’t leave too many holes open at the end of my last session. I then spent about 5 minutes going over all the skins to make sure that I had match drilled every hole. I found some that I’d missed, so I took care of those. It is a well spent 5-minutes. If I get to dimpling and find it, I have to stop, drill it out, then go find out what it sits on top of and drill that out too.

The directions say that you’re done with the side skins and forward bottom skin, at this point. You have to remove them. If you look at some of my previous pictures, you’ll notice that there are hundreds of clecos in place. Actually, I used every single cleco I had during this phase. I even wished that I had a few more. It took about an hour to get all the clecos out and then get all the aux longerons and small little pieces off, labeled and put away. Then Michelle helped me get the last bits off and set aside.

Before I had to knock off got some counter sinking done.  I still have a lot to do, though.

I didn't count them, but I am sure there are two hundred.

I didn’t count them, but I am sure there are two hundred.

The longeron clecos, alone, will take a day.

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