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Back From Airventure 2013

August 8, 2013

We made it back from our trip to Oshkosh.  What a wonderful trip.  The weather was perfect in every way.  I have to admit to being sort of ho-hum about it, but I am really glad we went.  We all had fun.  so what did I bring home?

First off is a new drill.  My old one is showing its wear and tear.  I was just going to buy a few bits, but when I saw this deal I had to snatch it up.  Variable speed, quick change chuck.  AND way quieter than my old one.  Really like this one.


Next I purchased the Screaming Eagle tail wheel.  This is an improved mod for the tail wheel assembly on the RV’s.  The RV tail wheel assembly sits lower.  Many tail wheels have been damaged trying to bump over a ledge into a hangar.  This one eliminates that issue by ensuring that the tail wheel is always in trail and it makes the tail sit higher, which improves the visibility for the pilot on the ground.

IMG_0534What trip to the outside world would be complete without trying the local flavor, so I did.

IMG_0536Of course we need something to put the beer in so we made a trip to the EAA gift shop for stuff.

IMG_0535Of course one beer isn’t very useful, so I brought some of its friends home with me.

IMG_0537I’m stocked with Spotted Cow for quite some time since I’m not a huge drinker.

The kids conned me into letting them ride a helicopter.  They had a ton of fun for two minutes.



Ok, well back to work.



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