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Lots of Work This Weekend

July 1, 2013

So this weekend it is time to start mating the center section to the tail section.  First I had to get the tail section out of storage.  Everyone I know who owns a truck was gone and there was no way it was going to fit in the Toyota.  Enter Matt Kunkel.  He needed to pick up some rivets that I had ordered with some of my stuff and check out my cool AC setup.  I asked and he accepted, so off to storage to get the tail.

Once I got it back to the house I got it setup on sawhorses, upside down, and decided it was time to read the directions again.  The directions had me working on getting the longerons fitted first.  You might remember the longerons.

Longerons that I had stored in the attic.

Longerons that I had stored in the attic.

The directions want you to slip the longerons between the side skin and the bulkheads.  What I thought was going to take a few minutes pretty soon took all day.  The slots that the longerons fit in weren’t the right size.


Too Narrow

So I got underneath the tail and lightly filed the gaps to allow the longerons to fit.  once I did that I found that the they fit just fine.


All Good

Next I had to clean up the rear of the longerons.  I had some cuts to make back there, but didn’t do them at the time I was prepping the rest of it.  I figured (rightfully it seems) that I should do it when the time came so that I could fit and remove it when I needed too.

Here is a video of me trying not to cut anything off of my body with a Dremel.  My son is not going to win any Academy Awards any time soon.

Cutting the rear of the longerons.

Next I have a pucker cut to make.  You know what a pucker cut is?  Its the kind of cut that if you make a mistake you are going to buy a new part.  The cut comes at the rear of the longeron and allows it to fit over a bar on one of the bulkheads I made earlier.  I tried and tried to figure out how to make the cut and then I saw a small note on one of the plans telling me to use the F-714 as a guide.  Off to the attic to find that part.  After examining the plans for a bit I got the part fitted to the longerons properly.

Fitting the F-714

Fitting the F-714

Now I have to mark the cuts

Go Sharpie, Go!

Go Sharpie, Go!

Now it’s time to cut.  Using the Dremel like I did with the end cuts I nibbled out the metal I need to.


Results right after using the Dremel.

The rough cut is made, the rest is elbow grease using a few files to get these results

5-minutes of elbow grease

5-minutes of elbow grease

This was still not the finish cut.  It measured just right, but would not fit around the bar.

Nope, not a good fit.

Nope, not a good fit.

Here is a pretty bad picture of the cut and the bar it has to fit around.  I scrounged around for a piece of scrap that had the same width.  With the scrap, I could take the longeron back to the garage floor and keep filing away until I got a good cut.

Much Better.

Much Better.


At this point it still needed some tweaking, but it was good enough for now.

Everything went pretty much as planned…no broken parts.  Tomorrow we’ll try to get the center and tail married together.

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