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Have to Rethink the Layout of the Factory

July 1, 2013

Those of you that are married will recognize this moment.  I was working in the garage this evening and my wife came out to see what was going on.  From the previous post you know that I have the longerons on now.  Doing this has basically doubled the length of the kit.  My wife looks at it and says “Didn’t you say I’d still be able to park the car in the garage during the whole build?”  Thinking back, I may have made that claim in an effort to get the build going.  I just didn’t think the day would ever actually get here when I had to start worrying about the length of the build.

This is a picture (old one) of what the build space looks like with just the tail.

100_1310You can see that the tail sits on sawhorses and is basically 7′ long.  Now put the longerons on.

100_1409You can now see how much longer it has become.  This will not make the wife happy.  Time to find a solution.  My 1st choice was to build a detached garage.  She vetoed that.  Leaving the car outside also got vetoed.  It was time to rethink the space.  First we had to get everything out of that side of the garage.

Taken just before everything was out.

Taken just before everything was out.  It looks like there is so much room in there.

Now we rearranged.  I actually ended up with the same basic layout, we just moved things in a different order.

100_1416The black rack on the left will go away.  I now have the plane caddy-corner in the garage.  It is a horrible use of the space, but there is just no other way to do it.  I have enough room to move around it on all sides.  Big drawbacks are that my main work area is the carpeted table on the left and all my tools are on my right in relation to the picture.  I have to walk around the plane to get to anything.

100_1415Its hard to see in this picture, but the ends of the longerons are only about 24″ from that door.  Very tight.  Now picture the ends connected to the firewall.  The engine wont fit.  Good thing I don’t have one.  I have read stories about a guy in Zurich with an 800’/sq apartment building an RV, so I’ll suck it up and keep marching on.

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