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Center Section Meet Tail Section

June 24, 2013

This weekend was pretty slow so I had the chance to go out and work on the plane. First things first I have to get the AC hooked up. Temperatures in Bentonville this weekend were in the low 90’s. Not bad for late June, really. The garage was quite toasty, though.

Once that was sorted it was time for business. The F-715 ribs had given me a fit and I ended up replacing them because of a goof up I made in my final fitting. I needed to get the new ones re-fit and in place. This took a few hours over Saturday and Sunday. One of the real pains is that they require a lot of fluting, so there is a lot of putting it on, taking it off. The ribs actually have to curve to shape the outer shape of the skin there. The fit is pretty darn good. I took lots of breaks due to the tedium of the task. Once that was done I went about reading about riveting. The book doesn’t say to rivet the ribs in place, just cleco. I read ahead and couldn’t find any reference to the riveting process for these ribs. The general consensus on VAF is that you wait until getting the F-770 skin attached before riveting. I didn’t see any harm in dimpling, so I did get the ribs and skin dimpled.

Next up appears to be the marriage of the tail section and the center section. I am on my way to Orlando this week, so I wont get to go get the tail from storage until this weekend. After these pieces get clecoed together I will have to start working on the F-718 longerons. Goody. Sorry for the lack of photos. I’m at 28,000′ somewhere over Mississippi right now…actually, I am crossing into Mississippi. There mighty Mississippi River is directly below.

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