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Longeron Bending

February 24, 2013

One thing that I noticed on other peoples websites is that longerons are best bent in multiple sessions no more than 30-min.  I understand why that is, now.  Bending them is so frustrating that if you spend too long you might end up throwing a hammer through a wall.  Even with the longeron dies these bends are frustrating.

These are the longeron dies that I bought.

These are the longeron dies that I bought.

The first longeron was the worst, of course.  I didn’t know how much pressure to apply or where the actual bend happens.  The instructions want you to get your bend to within 1/16″ of a template to be acceptable.  I figure I got that on the 1st one in about 40-minutes.  I cursed that one so much it isn’t funny.  I’m going to be spending 30-minutes trying to clean up all the scuffs and scratches on it too.

Here's the result of squishing

Here’s the result of squishing

Once I got them both tolerably close, I knew I still had some fine tuning to do, I noticed that they were both bent down as well.  Vans instructions say this is possible and they give you advice on how to get that unwanted bend out.  Of course once I did that my original bend was off.  Seems that I have to keep doing this dance until it is right.

No building for me today.  I’m still not feeling well and I don’t feel like going out there and fighting the longerons.  Next week I’m in San Francisco for RSA, so no building for me.

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