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Introduction to Longerons

February 22, 2013

Imagine a piece of angle aluminum that stretches from the tail of the aircraft all the way to the firewall.  Along the length of this angle it has to have precise bends and twists.  Imagine that the process of adding the bends and twists has been described by the manufacturer as “maddening”.  Now imagine that one isn’t enough and you get to do two of them.  These aluminum angles would be called longerons.

All 15' 2" of them

All 15′ 2″ of them

Tonight I got the longerons out of the attic and unpacked them.  They originally came with the wings and I’ve had them in the rafters of the attic all this time.  I did all my measuring and marking tonight.  I have also read of the directions and am pretty sure I’m confused as heck looking at the plans.  I’ve been through this before, though.  I need to read the instructions and pore over the plan the requisite number of hours before everything makes sense and I can proceed.  Tomorrow I’ll double check my measurements and might even cut something.  Depends how I feel.

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