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So….What’s Been Going On?

February 14, 2013

I have been working on the plane….some.  Work has gotten busy again.  Always a good thing.  I have had the chance, now and then to pop out to the garage and put something together.

I finished the center section and then moved on to the next bulkhead.  I happened to mess up two pieces and then had to order them from Vans.  The nice thing about this phase of the build is that there are plenty of things to do while you wait for a part to arrive.  When I was working on the empenage, I worried about getting ahead of myself so I would stop what I was doing until the part came.  Not a bad strategy when you’re really new.  Now that I have some grey hair I know what I can move on to and what I cant.

Sine the 705 bulkhead was on hold I decided to work on some of the really small bulkheads.  The 707 and 708 are the last two in the airframe and were kind of fun.  You just put the parts together and rivet them…thats it.  It was refreshing to not have to fabricate something.  What was cool about it was the tail wheel hardware attaches to the 707 and 708, so I started the process of fitting the parts together, but decided not to do any drilling and bolting yet.  This was the first time I was able to identify parts of the fuselage and see it.  Of course this is where I put a picture in so you can see it, but I didn’t transfer them to my laptop.  My laptop is in Birmingham and my camera is back in Bentonville, so the pics will have to wait.

The replacement parts came in the other day, so I was able to get going on the 705 again.  I was able to get some of that fitted before I left on the current road trip.

I’ll try to put a few pics up next time I’m near the camera.  My next post may be about the 705 or it might be about bending the longerons.  Bending the longerons is another one of those pucker moments.  I’ll explain why next time.

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