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Working on the Center Section

January 28, 2013

I got TONS done this weekend.  I was hoping to get the center section to the point where it was ready to rivet, but I came up a bit short.  Lets start at the beginning.

Fuse - Center - packaged

This is the center section as it arrives at the door.  They ship it with your wing kit, so I’ve had this in my attic for over a year.  The purpose of the center section is to tie the two main spars from either wing together.  It is the piece that carries the load of the plane.  The reason it comes with the wing kit is that the two wing spars and the center spar are assembled together and there are some important holes that are drilled together in a custom jig.  This makes my particular spars a fit unit.  Theoretically they are not interchangeable with just any other spar.

As usual you start off by collecting all the parts you are going to need.  Most of the parts are in that bag you see above.  Some of the other parts came with the fuse kit and I had to go hunt them down.  Fortunately there are not many things that I have to fabricate on this section.  A few web stiffeners and some bits and pieces.  The first thing they have you do is open up some holes in the spars from 3/16″ to 5/8″.  5/8″ is HUGE and I really was nervous drilling the holes.  I must have read the plans 10 times to make sure I was reading 5/8 and not 3/8.  These holes are going to be used as pass-throughs for the various cables and wires that have to go aft.  Next up are the control stick brackets.  These come pre-made and all I have to do is cut out some of the metal for lightning.  It is probably optional, but I did it anyway.

Finished cutting.  Again my band saw was barely able to handle this.

Finished cutting. Again my band saw was barely able to handle this.

That aluminum is over 1/4″ thick and my wussy little band saw is barely capable of cutting it.  I think it took about 15 minutes to cut what you see here.  I had two of them to do.  Even though it took time they came out very nice.

Left bracket.

Left bracket.

Right bracket.

Right bracket.

They then want you to assemble the control stick hardware since you have everything open and easily accessible.  That was an unexpected fun moment.

Fuse - Center - stick controls

Here it is put together.  The pilots stick is on the left and the passengers stick location is on the right.  I didn’t bother putting the passengers stick in place, but you get the picture.  Then I took a moment and enjoyed moving my parts around.

Hard right turn...

Hard right turn…

Hard left turn....

Hard left turn….

Back to center.

Back to center.

Ok, time to stop goofing off and get back to work.

I had some small parts to deal with.  I wont bore you with the details, you know the drill dimple, deburr….blah blah blah.

Small bits

Small bits

All tolled this weekend I put in a solid 20 hours, or so.  Not bad.

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