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Firewall is Complete

January 26, 2013

Sorry for the sparse postings of late.  I have definitely been working on the project, but just haven’t had time post.  Besides, the firewall is just not that complex a piece, so it is just dimple/deburr/prime and rivet.  There were two parts that had to be fabricated, which just proved to me again that my band saw sucks.  I think I can cut those pieces with a hacksaw faster.  Here is the 99% finished firewall.

Fuse - Firewall - Complete2

Fuse - Firewall - Complete1

I have one more part to rivet on this morning.  It was one of those pieces I had to fabricate.  I messed up drilling out the rivets before and had to remake it.  If you see the clecos and wonder what the deal is, there is a part that goes in that hole, but you rivet it on later.  Having the hole open makes it easier when it is time to rig up the engine controls.

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