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Fuselage Arrives

December 29, 2012

Yesterday was the day.  The fuselage arrived by Con-Way Freight at about 12:30…I was headed to Kansas City at 1:30.

The truck arrived while I was getting ready to leave for a trip to KC for a hockey tournament.  The driver had called ahead so I knew it was coming.  Once we got the truck situated I climbed in the back to check the crate for damage.  Of course there was some.  There was a huge hole in the box  about the size of a forklift fork.  It went all the way through the wood.

Fuse - DamageHmmm….what to do?  I called Vans, of course.  I described teh issue and they told me to accept the delivery and note any damage on the waybill so the shipping co. knows it happened.  The driver really acted like it was no big deal, and I reallly had to press him to write it on the waybill.  The good news is that once we got it in the garage and took the lid off, we dug down through the box and found no damage that we could see.  I still have to inventory everything to get a really good look, but I’m feeling pretty good about it.

Fuse Arrives

So here sits the box, just like this, until I get back on Tuesday or Wednesday.

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