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When the World Ends in Two Days…

December 19, 2012

If nothing else I’ll be able to say I finished my wings.

Last night and this evening Michelle and I got the last rivets beat into the wing skins.  Everything went fine and there was nothing of note that happened.  I reassembled the bell crank and re-connected the push rods for the aileron.  I didn’t bother tightening the bolts for them since I know darn good and well I’m going to be taking it apart again before it goes onto the fuselage.

I figured out why I find the wings a complete ass whipping of a project.  you get to a point where it is really hard to see progress of any kind.  Clecos come out of the holes, but it doesn’t look any different.  I’m going to have to get over this, because the plane is going to be sitting around looking the same for a long time once I get the bulk of the fuselage done.  Anyway…here are some parting shots.  Next post should be about receiving my fuselage.

Wing - flag hinge detail Wing - Wing root detail Wing - Bottom skin complete Wing - Tip detail

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