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Beginning Bottom Skins

November 17, 2012

For the last few night we’ve been working on the bottom skins.  I wish we could have just done it in one marathon session, but we get a 30-minutes here 1-hour there.  The bottom skins have gone on very well.  The most forward line of rivets on the bottom were really tight, and a bit tough to get into the rivet holes.  We were able to get them in with jiggling, my ice pick and some judicious pounding in the right spot.  I was expecting this, because the skin is expected to be really tight.  I’m super happy with how it is turning out.   Pounding the rivets is really quite an experience.  First of all you cannot see the shop heads on the rivet.  So you go by feel and hearing, use your size gauge when you can but otherwise you go on gut.  There are just some spots where the mirror wont go.  My left forearm is quite sore.  You really have to contort yourself to get to the rivets closest to the flange.  You quickly wish that you had another joint in between your wrist and your elbow.  I just noticed that I have a nice bruise there.

Here’s the rivets in the bottom inside wing skins.

Contortion is required

I deviated from the plans a bit.  The plans suggest that you put the wing down on a table to do the riveting.  My tables are all too high (or I am too short) to do this.  We elected to keep the wing on the stand.  In this location I can get where I need too.

Here is the electrical conduit ready for light wires.

Random inside shot…not sure why.

Once the inside skin was done I did some wiring.  This is just rough in type stuff.  making sure there are anchors where I need them etc…  A few trips to Lowes/Home Depot and the wiring rough in was complete.

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