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Flap is Attached and a Few Odds and Ends

November 11, 2012

I got the flap attached.  I got the new, wider hinge material and that did the trick.  Once I got the material cut to size and fitted I was able to drill my first hole.  With the first hole drilled I had to ensure that the second was perfect before drilling.  If the second one is off by too much then the holes (from one end to the other) are angled and my flap rests at an angle on the wing.  Not the end of the world, but I’d like to be finished with the flap.  After much eyeballing, leveling and triple checking I was happy and I drilled all the rest of the holes.  The result?  Near perfection.  The flap is level and 1/4″ separates the flap from the aileron.  Cant ask for much better.

Ta Da! Flap is in place and hanging nearly perfectly.

With that, I am left with only one “major” task.  I have to rivet the bottom skin on.  I am really going to wait until I have the wiring done before doing this.  I have some wire on order and I should see it this week.  If all goes to plan, I hope to start the skin installation next weekend.

To keep myself further occupied I did a few odds and ends on the wing.  I secured some wiring for the stall warning mechanism.  I primed the flanges of the bottom ribs.  I cut out a small section of the hinge for the flap to split the hinge pin.  This makes it easier to remove later if I have to.

Nut plate in place for the hinge pin anchors.

Hinge pins are in their permanent location.

Oh, I also got my hole cut for the landing light.  I had been procrastinating this, mostly because I hate cutting into a perfectly good wing.  I went to Lowes this AM to get some new cutting wheels for the Dremel and to pick up some faucet covers for the outside of the house.  It is going to be in the low 20’s for the next few nights.  I had learned some lessons from the last wing.  The Dremel doesn’t want to take commands from you, it has a mind of its own.  Slightly lower speed and more controlling hand is what I needed to get it done.  Nothing bad to report, it came out just fine.  I used a few hand files and a scotch brite wheel to dress up the edges of the hole.  I also drilled a few holes to prep for the lens attachment.  I’ll wait to attach the lens when I get the light on…of course that won’t be until I get the wings on the plane at the airport…hmmm…maybe I’ll do that tonight instead.

Cut and finished out the hole for the landing light in the left wing.

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