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Fuselage Ship Date (oh, and some flap work)

November 5, 2012

I got a ship estimate from Vans.  Woo Hoo!  You’ll have to read the rest of the post to see the date.

I have played around with fitting the flap.  It has really stumped me.  I found one mistake that I made.  I attached the hinge on the flap in between the flap skin and the spar.  I had fitted it like this so I could match drill.  I forgot to move the hinge behind the spar, so I had to drill out the hinge and of course I am out of hinge material so I have to order some new material.

Even with the hinge in place my measurements were not coming out right.  In a nutshell, I am having to move the hinge attached to the wing too far in order to start drilling.  The minimum distance on the hinge is 3/16th”.  I am having to push the hinge further than that to make it work.  Since the flap will come under a great deal of stress, I dont want to push any minimums on the hinge at all.  I have ordered slightly wider hinge that will make this problem go away.

I have also ordered some wire for landing, nav lights and strobes.  AeorLEDs has a really good price on 20Awg 3-conductor shielded cable.  I got my aileron installed and the bell cranks assembled and installed.  I safety wired the bolts for the bell crank, too.  These are bolts that I purchased with holes in the heads to accommodate safety wire.  I ran the pitot line and flared the ends.  I used blue loctite on the connection from the tube in the wing to the fitting that passes through the spar.  Though it is only ram air in the tube, I don’t want any leaks if I can avoid it.  I’d like to start buttoning the bottom skin on next week, if I can.  I still have to go get the right wing out of storage and do some wiring and other last minute tasks…such as putting the bottom skin on since I don’t have long until my fuselage arrives.

Looks like the week of December 17th is the delivery schedule for the fuselage.  This is good news Paul.  I might have actually started the fuse by the time you get up here.  Of course I just got an email with the dates for our SKO in Tel Aviv.  I am sure that is when you are going to be back in the US since it seems to work out that way.

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