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Flap Continues

October 24, 2012

Slow but steady progress.  Hockey practice Monday night slowed me down a bit, but I did get quite a bit done last night.  The only prep work I have left to do on this flap is finish dimpling and then priming.  Then I’ll be ready to assemble.  Sunday I got the piano hinge fitted and match drilled.  I had to go down to the storage unit to take a few pictures of the other wing, just to make sure that I was doing it correctly.  Tonight I’ll finish dimpling the parts I have left over and then clean and prime.

This is a support piece that the flap actuator will connect to.  The blue line is where I had to bend it 6.3 degrees.  Its really more of an eyeball thing.  I did measure it, but that .3 is pretty hard in my non-NASA shop. 

Here it is fit into its spot. Its hard to see, but the actuator sill fit into a hole toward the narrow end of the brace.

Random shot of the flap in some state of either assembly, or dis-assembly.

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