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Left Wing Work Progresses

October 15, 2012

I have pictures, but they are on my camera…in my bag…in the overhead above the lady across the aisle from me.  I’m too lazy to rearrange myself to go get them, so you’ll have to wait.  You can guess that I’m 30k feet above Arizona right now.

A quick aside.  I hope you had the chance to watch the coverage of Felix Baumgartner’s record skydive this weekend.  We were glued to YouTube and The Discovery Channel for just about the entire thing.  It’s good to know that there are still cool things like that that still need doing.

I got quite a bit accomplished this weekend.  Friday evening Michelle and I did a marathon riveting session.  We got the vast majority of the rivets pounded with the exception of about 50 or so plus the boo-boos that needed fixing.  (Note to self: don’t work late when you’re tired.  You make more mistakes).  The next morning we had to get up super early to finish.  We had to get them finished early because we had a jammed pack day of family stuff to do.  Gayle had to go to Tulsa on a band trip, Adam had hockey practice and work outs.  Michelle was going to drive to Tulsa later in the morning to see Gayle’s competition.  So at 8:00am, much to Michelle’s displeasure, we were out in the garage finishing the rivets.  With that done we had to get the wing from the stand onto the work table.  This allowed me to start on the mounts for the aileron and flaps.  I got to enjoy some of my earlier fruits of labor as well.  When I was working on the right wing I fabricated the aileron mounts for the left wing when I did the right wing.  I also prepped the flap brace and aileron gap fairing.  When I got to that step, all I had to do was cleco and rivet.  It was very nice to be able to do that.  I then got to skip another section of my instructions…building the aileron.  I had already done that as well.  I think there are a few minor tweaks I have to make to it, but nothing that cant wait for mounting.  Since I skipped that I went to building the flap.

It is now Sunday and I’m on the hook for a few things today, so I’ll do what I can.  I couldn’t remember why I hadn’t built the flap as well, until I got into it.  You have to install your hinge on the flap and this requires some pretty fine measurements.  I do wish I had dimpled and primed.  I dry fit everything and match drilled what I could yesterday, but decided to wait on the hinge until I have a few hours of uninterrupted time to focus on it.  I went to the storage unit to take some pictures of the other wing and as it turned out, I had made some notes on the skin that will be most helpful.  I also searched back through my blog to see what I had done.  11/16th and 13/16th are measurements that I am going to need.  You’ll see later….or you can go back to the other flap and see what I did, if you cant stand the suspense of waiting.

I’m not going to get to touch the plane for a week or so.  Business travel and Q4 activities.  Oh well.

This is the aileron gap fairing.

Adam is match drilling

Got to watch him, he gets sloppy quick.

Pre-made when I did the other wing

Inside bracket.

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