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Leading Edge is Done

October 10, 2012


So you accidently clicked the link that led you to my site and surprise surprise I posted something.  So what does that picture tell you?  The leading edge is done and riveted to the skeleton.  The fuel tank is done and attached.  The stall warning apparatus is installed, tested and wired.  I installed the black conduit…which was a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be.

I have to admit that this wing is a beating.  It really takes will power to get off my ass and go work on it.  This is such a pain in the butt in so many ways.  The wing needs so much riveting and much of it in tight places.  Next up is the top skin.  I have to have Michelle’s help on this, so it is tomorrow night, or it could be weeks before I get to it.

This is the stall warning tab. I need to adjust it, but I think that this is a “when the plane is ready to fly” type of task.

Wiring at the root end of the wing. The pink string is for pulling more stuff into the tip of the wing.

Fuel level sender and Z bracket holding the tank in place.

This is the hole where the stall warning wiring passes from the aft side of the spar to the forward side. The hole is pre-drilled on the 7.

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