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Fuel Tank End Ribs

August 18, 2012

The end ribs on the fuel tanks are finally sealed into place.  Life and work kept me from making the kind of progress that I wanted, but they’re in now.   The tips of the two end ribs have reinforcing aluminum pieces that have to be put into place.  On the last wing I used entirely too much proseal and the rivets where a real bear to get in and set properly.  This time I used far less on the mating surfaces and the results were much better.

I wanted to get the leading edge riveted today.  It is similar to the fuel tank in that it is cumbersome, repetitive and mind numbingly boring.  There are probably on the order of 200 rivets to set.  Unfortunately my wife has commitments today that are going to keep her from helping, so I’ll have to find several of the other thousand small tasks that still need doing.

That blue fitting is where the vent line comes out of the tank.

Landing light hole marked and ready to cut.

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