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Left Tank Assembly

July 23, 2012

Yesterday I got all the stiffeners attached, as promised.  Nothing really interesting to report other than they all went in with no problems and I didn’t even have to drill out a single rivet.

Today was given to riveting ribs.  I was targeting the center 3 ribs so I could at least have some progress.  We actually got all but one of the internal ribs prosealed and riveted into place.  I’m glad we pushed it, because I want to come back from Oshkosh with as few ribs left to do as possible.  I still have the get the inner rib assembled with the flop tube and the fuel sender that needs to go into the rear baffle.  I’m in the home stretch with the tank.

Outer baffle.

Nice close up of the proseal fillet

Inner Baffle

Fuel tank filler

The blue circles around the rivets above are mistakes that I have to drill out when I get back.  I hate doing them when the proseal is wet.  All the chips and shavings get gummed-up in the proseal and is the devil to get out.

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