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What Do I Listen to While Building?

July 22, 2012

I was asked the other day what I do while I’m building.  I usually am listening to music on my iPad through my bluetooth speakers.  I go back an forth between Pandora and my music library.  My Pandora playlists are incredibly varied.  I have contemporary jazz, bluegrass, classic rock, soul, motown, gospel, metal, hip hop and of course show tunes.  I also listen to the an aviation podcast call Uncontrolled Airspace.  The guys on Uncontrolled Airspace are aviation journalists who spend an hour every week or so talking about all things aviation. Hot topics, technical topics involving electrical/mechanical, AD’s, Government affairs and a piece the call the Off Field Landing of the Week.  It is worth the listen, and gives you something to do on a 1-hour commute or on a plane.

This time of year I am spending my time listening to and the Oshkosh frequencies.  Utterly amazing!  These controllers are superb!  On Sunday AM I am listening in.  There are LOTS of planes landing today.  I wanted to describe it as organized chaos, but I think that is unfair.  I think it is better described as an orchestrated ballet.  Really impressive and not a little intimidating sounding.  I cant wait to do it one day.

I have cleaning and pro-sealing of stiffeners today.  I am also just starting the  smoker for a batch of pulled pork.  Busy day today.

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