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Deja Vu All Over Again

July 21, 2012

Things are progressing.  I got all the match drilling and such done last night and I’ll do my dimpling and deburring today.  Hopefully I’ll be setting some proseal and rivets tonight.  Here’s a few pictures.

For those of you reading this from the Southern Hemisphere, we are in full Summer mode.  Temperatures here in the heartland have been in excess of 100 degrees.  Oshkosh is starting to look like another scorcher too.  When I was match drilling yesterday I went to get my jar of Boelube from the cabinet above my workbench.  The Boelube I use is a pastey, gel-like consistency, usually.  What I found was a jar of blue liquid instead.  It has almost completely melted.

NOT a mana potion


Fuel tank skin ready for dimpling and such.

Old Ribs

New Stiffeners and old fuel cap

One Comment
  1. Paul Steen permalink

    Haha as I read this, we’ve got the heat cranked up in the house, and a space heater running in the guest room. It was on 10 degrees C today.

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