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Ever Have One of Those Days?

July 16, 2012

I’m having one today.  Not a day goes by where I dont wish my RV was finished.  The mental picture of me on downwind after my first flight keeps me going.  But there are days when I wish I already had a plane.

This morning I had a very short notice trip to Dallas.  I had a meeting that was going to be from 10:30am until…whenever.  I left XNA at 8:25AM, a flight I am most familiar with.  When Michelle made the reservation the only return time she could get was 9:15PM Monday night.  No problem, I’ll catch a standby.

My meeting finished up at about noon and I grabbed some lunch then headed to DFW.  I arrived at the Admirals Club in the “D” terminal at about 1:15 and had the guy at the front desk add me to the standby list for the 4:10pm flight.  He said that the flight was oversold, but I was #2 on the list.  I did emails for awhile.  At 2:30 pm I had a conference call which I attended.  Toward the end of the call I needed to start making my way to the gate so I wouldn’t be late.  I got to the gate at about 3:30 and waited.  When you fly enough standbys you understand that gate agents can start handing out seats 30-min before boarding all the way up to the moment they shut the door on the plane.  I got there in plenty of time.  There was some mechanical problem so the 4:10 didn’t actually start boarding until about 4:15 or so.  I hung out until they closed the door to the jet bridge and my name was never called.  The next flight was at 6:25pm, but had already been delayed to 7:30pm.

At this point I have no idea what flight I’m going to make it out on.  I know I have a seat for the 9pm flight, but would like to get home earlier.

Here is what would have happened if I had flown myself down  I flight planned this, so I know the numbers are pretty accurate.

I needed to be at my meeting at 10:30.  The location of the meeting is about 10 miles south of the airport.  I could have left VBT at about 8:00am and landed at the McKinney Texas airport around 10am.  If I was lucky, I could have gotten the crew car and driven to my meeting.  At the end of the meeting I could have had lunch and driven the crew car back to McKinney, filling it up along the way.

At McKinney, after pre-flight and weather I could have been off the ground by 1:30pm.  According to the flight plan I would have been back on the ground at VBT at 3:00pm or so.  I might have missed the first 30-minutes of the conference call, but I could have caught the tail end and I would have been productive for another 2-hours after that.

You have no idea how much time you waste in an airport just waiting for a flight and not doing anything productive.

Weather in MAF is really screwing with the flights tonight.  Looks like I might be on my original 9:45.

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