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Building Frustrations

July 14, 2012

You’ve seen me post, in the past, about the frustration of the delays inherent in building.  Unless you are single, and retired living on a farm there is almost no way to avoid the delays that come with building.  Band camps, hockey camps, school meetings, travel for work, family time because of my travel.  These are just some of the things that cause delays in my project.

A major source of delay can be mistakes.  You goof something up and you need to fix it by ordering a new part, or tool.  You order the part from Vans and you get the part shipped by UPS / FedEx ground because it is the cheapest option. Believe me when I say this, shipping AINT cheap.  The part arrive about 5 days after you ordered it and you are now about a week behind where you made the mistake.  The moral of the story, of course is, don’t make mistakes.

All of these things, though are delays that I have some influence on, though that influence may be very small.  The delays that really get my blood pressure up are the unavoidable delays, or the ones that I have no influence on at all.  The delays that are cause by weather or some other act of God I can live with.  But negligence by others just sends me over the edge.

In the post before last I said that I’d messed up the fuel tank skin and needed to order a new one.   I ordered the skin on Thursday the 5th and I paid extra for 2nd day air because I didn’t want to lose any more momentum than I had to.  The part arrived on Monday the 9th via FedEx.  I was not able to do anything with it on Monday, but on Tuesday at lunch I went out to the garage and unpack and inspect it.  As I got the skin out of the box I saw damage.  Not just any damage, either, but the only sure source of damage that could have brought my project to a stop again.

There was a dent.  The dent was somewhere between the size of a US nickel and a quarter.  The dent was perfectly set on the leading edge of the skin.  It wasn’t a little dent either.  It was a pretty deep dent.  If the dent had been anywhere else on the skin I wouldn’t have worried to much, and might have even tried to pound it out on my own.  But this dent was on the leading edge.  If you fly, then you know that a plane can fly with almost any amount of damage, except damage on the leading edge of the wing.  I was really disappointed.  This couldn’t be fixed by me.

As you can see, the dent is pretty substantial.  So how did it happen?  I dont really know, but the box tells the story.


It took a hard whack from something.  Hard enough to tear the cardboard.

Now I just have to wait until the replacement part arrives.  That’ll be next week…while I’m travel for work.  The week after that?  Oshkosh, of course.  Still not 100% sure I’m going.

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