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New Smoker and TruTrak Visit

July 3, 2012

Here is the new smoker.  It is going to take some getting used to.  My little smoker, was fine, but it was just not able to handle the amount we want to do sometimes.  I’m going to have to re-learn all my recipes over again.  That will be fun to do.

One of the decisions that I’ve been struggling over for my plane is auto pilot vs. no auto pilot.  There are many advantages to having the AP, but there is a cost as well.  The reason that the decision is in the forefront on my brain is because if I’m going to put one in the plane, then I need to prep the wings for the servo motor that goes there.

I asked some questions on the VAF site and was invited to come down to Springdale, about 25-minutes south of me, and talk with the guys from TruTrak who are pretty much the industry gurus on AP’s.  I met with Lucas who, for 30-minutes, walked me through all the relevant features.  There are features that are  gotta haves and some that are want to haves, so I am glad we talked.  Most of the technology that costs big bucks will likely have changed by the time I’m ready to lay-out money for them, but what I really found out was that the servos, which are about $1000 a piece can also wait.  I can purchase the mounting plates and then install the servos later.  This is a much better plan that what I thought I was going to have to do.  I thought that I was going to have to buy a servo that wasn’t going to be operational for years and install it.

Based on the demo that he did and some of the discussions we had I am going to get an IFR auto pilot that will do what I need, without some of the bells and whistles I don’t need.  Of course the price on the plane goes up another $6k or so, but that’s life.

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