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Sealing Awaits

July 2, 2012

I got all my dimpling, deburring and such done this weekend.  The heat in the garage seems to not bother you as much when you are working on it diligently.  At this point I am ready to proseal.  I’ll start with the tank stiffeners and then move on to the ribs.  This is a pretty good progression because I have to figure out the working time of the proseal in the summer.  On my last tank it was winter and the working time was pretty much about 40-minutes max.  From what others are saying the working time in the summer is going to be about 30-minutes.  We shall see.

While on my last business trip my wife and her Dad found a new smoker for us.  It is a huge ass smoker just in time for July 4th.  I had to do some work on it first.  Can you believe that it needed deburring?  Very very badly.  The finish work on the racks was pretty shoddy.  This evening I did that.  I might decide to do the stiffeners today, I might wait until tomorrow.

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