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Back in the Shop

June 30, 2012

When last we saw our intrepid hero he was working on the fuel tank. Daytime high temperatures were in the 80’s and work was progressing well.

Skip ahead 4 weeks and now the daytime highs are in the 100’s and the shop is a brutal place to work during the days. Shop temperatures are easily in the low 90’s. Keeping this in mind I had to make some changes to my air conditioning situation. I went out to Lowes this AM and got 25′ of vent hose to extend my AC’s exhaust. With the wing on the stand the original exhaust hose was just not going to allow me to have it where I was located. That done I am now being blasted with cool air and it is at least tolerable to stand here and write this.

I have some match drilling to do that I missed during the last session. I have to dimple the whole tank and other than washing everything, that is all that remains before sealing it up.

Right at this moment I have no trips on my calendar anytime soon. Hopefully that will equate to more work in the shop and more posts from me. I have also upgraded my iPad to an iPad 3 so I hope to be able to post more frequently using the WordPress app that I am using now. The bluetooth keyboard I got is nice too.

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  1. Paul Steen permalink

    Good to have you back… Happy 4th.

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