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Finishing bits on the tank

June 3, 2012

Didnt get much done in the month of May and wont get much done in June either.  Work has been that busy.  I come home on the weekends and just want to hang out with the kids.

I did, however, get some work done this weekend.  Mostly just bits and pieces before the dimple/deburr fun.

First off I had to get the inside rib drilled out and get the doubler ring in place.  I did that Friday night.  I almost screwed that up, but in the end it worked out just fine.  I am still seeing real lack of consistancy with the countersink.  Not sure what I’m doing wrong.  It’s a pretty brainless operation.  Drill until you stop seeing shavings.  It’s not that big a deal on the doubler, but on the wing spar its a huge deal.

Got the reinforcement ring attached.

Next up was fitting the fuel tank cap.  I remember really studying this hard on the last wing.  It took me a fraction of the time to get it assembled this time.  The cap ring has a slight bend in it that fits under the skin.  you have to line up that bend just right to get it to fit right.  Took me all of 5-mins to get the fit, drill the holes and admire the work.

Fuel Cap aligned and drilled

I also got the sump drilled out.  So that is the last of the bits and pieces on the tank.  Next up dimpling, deburring and such.  After that is the proseal.

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