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April 26, 2012

As I said before, my flap rigging didn’t come out as nicely as I thought it would.  So I redid it.  I had to wait for some new hinge material to arrive from Aircraft Spruce.  Once that came in I was ready to go.  If, by the way, you were successful at hanging the elevator trim tab, then this is going to be much the same.  You have two measurements that are critical and you must measure 47 times before cutting anything.  The distance between the flap and the aileron and making sure that the trailing edges of the flap and aileron are level.  The distance between them should be 1/4″ which is easy enough to measure and account for.  Getting them level isn’t hard, just make sure you’re perfect before you drill a single hole in the hinge material.

First up was getting the hinge material installed on the flap itself.  I think (and I have to go make a note of this so I can do it again) that I measured 11/64″ as where I was going to put the holes in the hinge material.  Skipping ahead to where I actually do it….3hrs later…I get the hinge material attached to the hinge.  If you are truly interested I’ll explain why it took 3hrs, trust me it was needed.

The hinge is in place on the flap. Riveted and ready for action.

During the process of planning, I should have the hinge in place for the wing side too.  So I go ahead and drill that…after being 100% certain my measurements are correct…they were.

Then I have to secure the hinge pin.  The hinge of the flap is meant to be removed if you have to perform maintenance on your flap.  If you think about it, there are only two ends that you can remove the hinge from.  One end is smack up against the fuselage, it would be kind of hard to take the hinge out that way.  The other end butts up against a bracket for the aileron.  Cant come out that way either.  The solution is to remove a small section of the hinge, in the middle, and make the pins secure in the middle of the flap.

Hing pin is secured in the middle so that it can be removed later if needed.

The ugly bend on the one on the left is the result of not measuring correctly.  That hinge pin is going nowhere.

Here are the fruits of my labor.

Only a robot could have gotten this closer to perfect .25".

After the drilling, the flap (left) and aileron are almost perfectly even.

There is a bit of an optical illusion on this picture.  These pieces are dead level with each other.

I'm leaving both sides of the hinge pin long so I can adjust them later as needed.

That is the Flaps.  Woot.  Ready to go to storage.

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