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Right Flap

March 29, 2012

So work has calmed down enough that I’ve been able to stop traveling for a bit and work on the plane.

I got the right aileron done.  It was a real chore.  I dont think it came out as nicely as the left.  I am just being picky since my critiques are mostly cosmetic.  Because I made some assumptions, I ended up having to drill out a bunch or rivets.  This is one of the first times that I’ve had to build a “second” of anything.  It taught me a few lessons.  The most important one is Dont assume you remember the steps from before.

The flaps are pretty easy to assemble.  I got everything put together and drilled out last night in about 1.5 hours.  I then spent time getting the hinge attached.  There is a piano wire hinge that attaches the flap to the wing.  This can cause some angst when getting the hinge positioned.  The hinge isnt pre-drilled, so you are the PIC on this maneuver.  The plans say to maintain a minimum 3/16″ distance between the centerline of the hole and the outside edge of the hinge.  You’ll see in the pictures some blue lines on the hinge.  These are the lines that I marked using my carpenters square.

The phrase “minimum 3/16″ distance” has nagged at me all night.  I drilled it to 3/16″.  Did I leave myself any room for error?  Would 1/4″ been more prudent?  These are the sorts of things that you get to wring your hands about.  I wont know if I’ve made a mistake until I fit the flap and check the travel.

Got the hinge drilled and fitted to the flap

More exciting hinge shots

Next up on the flap is some fabrication work.  I’ve got to make a few brackets out of some angle stock.  First glance it looks pretty straight forward.  I’ll report on that later.

Next up on the agenda is fitting the aileron and flap

After the brackets it will be time to fit the aileron and flap to the wing.  I am going to have to move my wing up on the stand to be able to do this.  It shouldn’t be a big deal, I just need to make sure there is enough clearance on the bottom for me to fit under it with the control surfaces on it.

The GREAT news is that there are only about 1.5 pages of instruction left for this wing.  The finish line is in sight.

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