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Headed to San Francisco

February 27, 2012

As predicted I am having to fly out to San Francisco this month.  There is a big industry shindig downtown and I have to go man the booth.  Booth duty is one of the lesser liked tasked, but it is a necessary evil.  Standing around all day shaking hands and talking about our product is what will drive sales, thus pay for this endeavor.  So I’ll stand there as long as necessary.  🙂

On the build front, I did get a brief chance to step into the shop this weekend.  My new aileron skin arrived two weeks ago and i un-boxed it and checked it out.  Thinking back on it, I probably should have done that when I got the box.  They could have shipped the wrong one, it could have been damaged…etc.  But everything was fine.  I got the stiffeners that I’d taken off the old aileron aligned with where I want them.  Next weekend I’ll try to get the right aileron built so that I can continue.

Another part that arrived was my new bell crank for the right wing.  It had been either damaged, or not built right.  So I sent it back about the same time my new aileron skin arrived and the replacement arrived Friday.  Good thing that wasn’t holding me up.  🙂

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