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Building Ailerons

January 28, 2012

Now it is time to build the ailerons.  These guys turned out to be pretty darn easy to build.  I went ahead and built the left and the right side together.  No reason to wait for the left wing to start this.  There are quite a few parts.  It took me about 15-minutes to find them all.  It is rather cool that my pile of parts is getting a lot smaller.  Its getting easier and easier to find what I’m looking for.

Aft part of the aileron cleco'd together

For some odd reason I didn’t take a picture of the whole thing put together.  I’ll take some shots of that when I’m reassembling it.

One bit of bad news on this.  I had just finished the right aileron and was going to assemble the left aileron.  I needed to put the right aileron somewhere where it wouldnt be in the way.  All my tables were otherwise occupied.  So I put the piece on top of the 4-Runner on the luggage rack.  Oops!  Michelle went to pick up Adam and this is the result.

So, I ordered some new parts from Vans and chalk it up to live and learn.


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